Middle Eastern · Savory

Beef Shawarma Wraps

authentic juicy, over-night marinated beef shawarma wraps, with zesty tahini sauce wrapped up in a warm homemade tortilla

Middle Eastern

Falafel (Chickpea Fritters)

a middle eastern delicacy, of blended chickpeas with fresh herbs, fried to perfection with a crisp outside and soft tender center Falafel originated in Egypt, being made with a combination of fava beans among various spices and herbs. Other countries throughout the Middle East, including Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, adopted the recipe and… Continue reading Falafel (Chickpea Fritters)


Za’taar & Pistachio Crusted Drumsticks

a zesty, herbaceous, perfectly roasted chicken drumstick with a hint of delightful sweetness Za’taar is a tangy earthy blend of spices. It consists of sumac, thyme, sesame seeds and each blend you try tastes a bit different. Za’taar is traditionally eaten with bread dipped in olive oil. I wanted to incorporate the bold flavor of… Continue reading Za’taar & Pistachio Crusted Drumsticks


Feta Cheese, Basil Salad

a bold tangy flavor combined with the freshest of ingredients, in a high calcium salad Feta cheese is made up of sheep’s or goat’s milk. It contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains good levels of calcium which keep your bones strong, protecting against osteoporosis. In addition, calcium supports the health of your… Continue reading Feta Cheese, Basil Salad