Blackened Spiced Shrimp

perfectly cooked and blackened jumbo shrimp spiced to perfection Use this recipe to make Alaa’s Pantry, Blackened Shrimp Tacos with Red Cabbage Slaw and Cilantro Sour Cream Sauce.

Dressings, Dips, & Condiments

Creamy Stone Ground Mustard Dressing

a simple creamy dressing that’s full of flavor, and healthy monounsaturated fats A canola or olive oil based mayonnaise does provide more healthy monounsaturated fats in comparison to the regular mayonnaise alternative, but calories are the same. It is important to remember to consume foods that are nutrient-dense to ensure the calories you are consuming… Continue reading Creamy Stone Ground Mustard Dressing


Cilantro And Lemon Spiced Shrimp

a simple shrimp recipe loaded with bold fresh flavors, versatile enough for many dishes Aside from being a lean protein source, shrimp provides an impressive array of nutrients. Four ounces provides over 100% of the Daily Value for selenium, over 75% for vitamin B12, over 50% for phosphorous, and over 30% for choline, copper, and… Continue reading Cilantro And Lemon Spiced Shrimp


Garlic & Cumin Shrimp Tacos

a warm, soft taco loaded with garlicky cumin shrimp, fresh cilantro and crisp red cabbage There has been a lot of research conducted on shrimp and the cholesterol levels it provides. Many people are often instructed to avoid shrimp if they have certain health conditions relating to high cholesterol levels. There are two types of… Continue reading Garlic & Cumin Shrimp Tacos


Shrimp & Peach Spring Rolls

  a delightfully light and colorful, sweet and crisp take on the traditional Vietnamese rice paper rolls These spring rolls are loaded with vegetables, which are nutrient-dense and recommended daily towards achieving a healthy diet and lifestyle. They also contain peaches which provide a delicate sweetness, as well as offer a superfluous value of minerals… Continue reading Shrimp & Peach Spring Rolls


Shrimp and Brown Rice Medley Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a Louisianian dish with Spanish and French influences. It is full of vegetables, meat, and rice that oftentimes can take hours of simmering to bring out those delicious authentic flavors. Here I’ve opted to make a stew-like jambalaya that doesn’t take nearly as long to make but still holds those complex mouthwatering flavors as… Continue reading Shrimp and Brown Rice Medley Jambalaya